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Nature is the beginning of everything.
For us, it is also the best partner.

Environmental Awareness

It is not so we look good in the picture that we bother to improve our environmental performance.
It is that nature is our main supplier.
Taking care of it is not only a civic duty, it is a question of respecting our best partner.

Environmental Certification

ISO 14001 is the primary management tool dedicated to environmental protection and prevention of pollution arising from industrial activities. So we readjusted all our processes and methodologies in accordance with these standards. Today, we feel much lighter.

Reducing Energy and Water Consumption

We have set up our equipment with measuring and control consumption instruments,
so as to minimize water and energy usage in our processes.
Our only regret is not having done it sooner.

Carbon Footprint

We do not tolerate "buts" or "ifs". Therefore, we are determined to neutralize
the impact of our activity. We continuously monitor the levels of gaseous emissions,
at all stages, from the supply to the processing of the product and its distribution,
to reduce our "footprint" to a minimum.

Reuse of Waste

As far as we are concerned, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.
Our waste management system encompasses the reuse of waste oils for biodiesel
production, recycling plastics for conversion into furniture and the recovery
of starch for use in the paper industry.

Water Purification

All waters deriving from the industrial process are purified in a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP)
of the latest generation, which returns to nature what nature gave us.

Successive years of growth

The company’s environmental policies have followed our development.
The more we grow, the greater our commitment to environmental responsibility,
present in small and large decisions - from the reduction of paper printouts
and recycling of household waste, to the major investments
in processes of consumption control and recovery of industrial waste.

Since 1971

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